The maintenance of salt water pools is a little different than standard chlorine pool care. There are not as many chemicals to add in salt water pools, but the balancing of your pool water and care of your pool equipment is slightly different.

Here are some of the top salt water pool maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Not Testing Free Chlorine Levels Each Week

Testing chlorine levels in pool water.Salt water generators produce chlorine and it’s important to check your pool’s free chlorine levels to keep your pool properly sanitized.

Not Keeping pH Levels in Check

Man checking pool water pH levelspH in salt water pools tend to run on the high side because salt water generators naturally raise pH levels as your system runs. High pH levels above 7.6 can cause skin irritation, burning eyes, and scaling on pool equipment.

Not Testing Salinity Levels by Hand

Most slat water generators display your pool’s salinity levels, but it is a good idea to test your salt levels manually occasionally to make sure your system is not producing any false readings.

Forgetting to Shock Your Pool Regularly

Shocking your swimming pool helps destroy extra contaminants, algae, and bacteria. You can use your salt water generator’s boost mode if it has this option.

Forgetting to Inspect Your Salt Cell

Inspect and clean your salt cell to prevent bad scale build up and deposits that can form over time.

For more salt water pool maintenance tips watch the video below from Swim University.