Remodels, Renovation and Repair

Your swimming pool defines your outdoor space. But, sometimes, needed repairs may actually be an opportunity to improve your pool. Making it into something that really brings your outdoor space to life.

We are experts at helping you think creatively when you’re considering repairing, renovating, or remodeling your swimming pool. Even if you want to simply make a needed repair or upgrade equipment to make your pool more efficient and modern. It is quite possible to accomplish those goals and, at the same time, renovate the swimming pool. Done in a way that makes the entire home more attractive and potentially more valuable.

Just one example might be the lighting in your pool. Over time modern pool lighting technology has advanced significantly just in the last few years. In addition to that, you may want to add lighting features to the area around the pool that transforms the space into someplace relaxing and beautiful for a night swim. Or a nice place to have dinner with family and friends.

If your existing pool needs an update, repair, or a renovation, we offer innovative design options and the latest technologies. From pool re-plastering, equipment replacement/upgrades, decking solutions, masonry work, and landscaping services. We will customize the project to meet your needs.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and we’ll provide you with many options and solutions for your swimming pool.

However, our competitive pricing is by no means a compromise on the quality of our work. To that end we will utilize the same high standards that are employed in our new pool design and construction services in the repair, renovation and remodel of your existing pool.

Let us repair or update your older pool into an energy efficient, modern pool for you and your family to enjoy for the many years to come. Or transform your existing pool into an aesthetically modern pool with form and functionality that will be the perfect accent to your outdoor environment.

We would love to hear from you! We also hope you will give us the opportunity to show you how we can repair, renovate, or remodel your dream pool and spa!

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