You already know you have lots of decisions to make when you contract to have a pool built, with the color you would like the water to appear being one of the most important.


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The following is some basic, yet essential, information to be cognizant of as you begin to consider your choices:
When deciding upon your pool water color, keep in mind that water is actually clear. 💦
Multiple wavelengths of light, some being absorbed and some being reflected off of the water, create the color each of us sees. Simply moving from one side of the pool to another can change the water color due to a difference in the angle at which the light is hitting the water.
Light wavelengths are processed through photoreceptors in our eyes that then produce electrical signals in the brain. Fifty percent of women have an additional photoreceptor that gives them a heightened color sense and the ability to see rare subtleties of color.
Water color is unique to each individual and how one’s brain processes color so, in selecting a color for the water in your pool, remember: Perception is everything and one person’s blue may very well be another person’s aqua.